I Breathe is a feature-length
documentary that takes an in
depth, emotional look inside
the multi-billion dollar
commercial dog breeding

Are breeders being unfairly
portrayed in the media?  
What are the reasons behind
their reluctance to allow
cameras inside their kennels?
I Breathe examines those
issues and many others.  It
will educate, enlighten, and at
times, break your heart.

Lily's grave in Black Forest,
Colorado.  Lily's life, and
ultimately her death, inspired a
movement that has saved
thousands of dogs... and counting.
Theresa, Rich and Molly
Strader at Lily's grave.   
Their love for her changed
their lives.
A symposium on the commercial pet industry
was held in Denver in June 2009.  Among
those in attendance:  Bob Yarnall, president of
the American Canine Association and Barb
York, president of the Missouri Pet Breeders
Mike Arms, president of the Helen
Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa
Fe, California, shares the compelling story of
his life-long devotion to saving animals.
The tears are part of what
keeps them going...
I Breathe song
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